beecrypt::util::Properties Class Reference
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#include <Properties.h>

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class  Names

Public Member Functions

 Properties ()
 Properties (const Properties &copy)
 Properties (const Properties *defaults)
virtual ~Properties ()
const StringgetProperty (const String &key) const throw ()
const StringgetProperty (const String &key, const String &defaultValue) const throw ()
ObjectsetProperty (const String &key, const String &value)
Enumeration< const String > * propertyNames () const
void load (InputStream &in) throw (IOException)
void store (OutputStream &out, const String &header) throw (IOException)

Protected Attributes

const Propertiesdefaults

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

beecrypt::util::Properties::Properties (  ) 

beecrypt::util::Properties::Properties ( const Properties copy  ) 

beecrypt::util::Properties::Properties ( const Properties defaults  ) 

virtual beecrypt::util::Properties::~Properties (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

const String* beecrypt::util::Properties::getProperty ( const String key,
const String defaultValue 
) const throw ()

const String* beecrypt::util::Properties::getProperty ( const String key  )  const throw ()

void beecrypt::util::Properties::load ( InputStream in  )  throw (IOException)

Enumeration<const String>* beecrypt::util::Properties::propertyNames (  )  const

Object* beecrypt::util::Properties::setProperty ( const String key,
const String value 

If this method returns a non-null value, make sure you pass it to beecrypt::lang::collection_rcheck(), which will delete it if it's no longer attached to any other collection.

Reimplemented in beecrypt::security::Provider.

void beecrypt::util::Properties::store ( OutputStream out,
const String header 
) throw (IOException)

rewrite this method using an OutputWriter after obtaining all keys through the enumerate method

Member Data Documentation

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