include/beecrypt/dlkp.h File Reference

Discrete Logarithm keypair, headers. More...

#include "beecrypt/dlpk.h"

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Data Structures

struct  dlkp_p


BEECRYPTAPI int dlkp_pPair (dlkp_p *, randomGeneratorContext *, const dldp_p *)
BEECRYPTAPI int dlkp_pInit (dlkp_p *)
BEECRYPTAPI int dlkp_pFree (dlkp_p *)
BEECRYPTAPI int dlkp_pCopy (dlkp_p *, const dlkp_p *)

Detailed Description

Discrete Logarithm keypair, headers.

Bob Deblier <>

Function Documentation

BEECRYPTAPI int dlkp_pCopy ( dlkp_p ,
const dlkp_p  

BEECRYPTAPI int dlkp_pFree ( dlkp_p  ) 

BEECRYPTAPI int dlkp_pInit ( dlkp_p  ) 

BEECRYPTAPI int dlkp_pPair ( dlkp_p ,
randomGeneratorContext ,
const dldp_p  

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