beecrypt::io::InputStream Class Reference
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#include <InputStream.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~InputStream ()
virtual jint available () throw (IOException)
virtual void close () throw (IOException)
virtual void mark (jint readlimit) throw ()
virtual bool markSupported () throw ()
virtual jint read ()=0 throw (IOException)
virtual jint read (byte *data, jint offset, jint length) throw (IOException)
virtual jint read (bytearray &b) throw (IOException)
virtual void reset () throw (IOException)
virtual jint skip (jint n) throw (IOException)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual beecrypt::io::InputStream::~InputStream (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual jint beecrypt::io::InputStream::available (  )  throw (IOException) [virtual]

virtual void beecrypt::io::InputStream::close (  )  throw (IOException) [virtual]

virtual void beecrypt::io::InputStream::mark ( jint  readlimit  )  throw () [virtual]

virtual bool beecrypt::io::InputStream::markSupported (  )  throw () [virtual]

virtual jint beecrypt::io::InputStream::read ( bytearray &  b  )  throw (IOException) [virtual]

virtual jint beecrypt::io::InputStream::read ( byte *  data,
jint  offset,
jint  length 
) throw (IOException) [virtual]

virtual jint beecrypt::io::InputStream::read (  )  throw (IOException) [pure virtual]

virtual void beecrypt::io::InputStream::reset (  )  throw (IOException) [virtual]

virtual jint beecrypt::io::InputStream::skip ( jint  n  )  throw (IOException) [virtual]

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