beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer Class Reference
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#include <StringBuffer.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StringBuffer ()
 StringBuffer (const char *)
 StringBuffer (const String &)
virtual ~StringBuffer ()
virtual Appendableappend (jchar c)
virtual Appendableappend (const CharSequence &cseq)
StringBufferappend (bool b)
StringBufferappend (char c)
StringBufferappend (const char *)
StringBufferappend (const String &s)
StringBufferappend (const StringBuffer &s)
StringBufferappend (const Object *obj)
virtual jchar charAt (jint index) const throw (IndexOutOfBoundsException)
void ensureCapacity (jint minimum)
virtual jint length () const throw ()
virtual CharSequencesubSequence (jint beginIndex, jint endIndex) const throw (IndexOutOfBoundsException)
virtual String toString () const throw ()


class String

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::StringBuffer (  ) 

beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::StringBuffer ( const char *   ) 

beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::StringBuffer ( const String  ) 

virtual beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::~StringBuffer (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

StringBuffer& beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::append ( const Object obj  ) 

StringBuffer& beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::append ( const StringBuffer s  ) 

StringBuffer& beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::append ( const String s  ) 

StringBuffer& beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::append ( const char *   ) 

StringBuffer& beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::append ( char  c  ) 

StringBuffer& beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::append ( bool  b  ) 

virtual Appendable& beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::append ( const CharSequence cseq  )  [virtual]

virtual Appendable& beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::append ( jchar  c  )  [virtual]

virtual jchar beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::charAt ( jint  index  )  const throw (IndexOutOfBoundsException) [virtual]

void beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::ensureCapacity ( jint  minimum  ) 

virtual jint beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::length (  )  const throw () [virtual]

virtual CharSequence* beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::subSequence ( jint  beginIndex,
jint  endIndex 
) const throw (IndexOutOfBoundsException) [virtual]

virtual String beecrypt::lang::StringBuffer::toString (  )  const throw () [virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class String [friend]

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