beecrypt::security::Security Class Reference
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#include <Security.h>

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struct  spi

Static Public Member Functions

static int addProvider (Provider *provider)
static int insertProviderAt (Provider *provider, int position) throw (IndexOutOfBoundsException)
static void removeProvider (const String &name)
static ProvidergetProvider (const String &name)
static array< Provider * > getProviders ()
static const StringgetProperty (const String &key) throw ()


class AlgorithmParameterGenerator
class AlgorithmParameters
class ::CertificateFactory
class ::CertPathValidator
class ::Cipher
class ::KeyAgreement
class KeyFactory
class KeyPairGenerator
class KeyStore
class ::Mac
class MessageDigest
class ::SecretKeyFactory
class SecureRandom
class Signature

Member Function Documentation

static int beecrypt::security::Security::addProvider ( Provider provider  )  [static]

static const String* beecrypt::security::Security::getProperty ( const String key  )  throw () [static]

static Provider* beecrypt::security::Security::getProvider ( const String name  )  [static]

static array<Provider*> beecrypt::security::Security::getProviders (  )  [static]

static int beecrypt::security::Security::insertProviderAt ( Provider provider,
int  position 
) throw (IndexOutOfBoundsException) [static]

static void beecrypt::security::Security::removeProvider ( const String name  )  [static]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ::CertificateFactory [friend]

friend class ::CertPathValidator [friend]

friend class ::Cipher [friend]

friend class ::KeyAgreement [friend]

friend class ::Mac [friend]

friend class ::SecretKeyFactory [friend]

friend class AlgorithmParameterGenerator [friend]

friend class AlgorithmParameters [friend]

friend class KeyFactory [friend]

friend class KeyPairGenerator [friend]

friend class KeyStore [friend]

friend class MessageDigest [friend]

friend class SecureRandom [friend]

friend class Signature [friend]

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