include/beecrypt/endianness.h File Reference

#include "beecrypt/beecrypt.h"

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#define swap16(n)   _swap16(n)
#define swapu16(n)   _swap16(n)
#define swap32(n)   _swap32(n)
#define swapu32(n)   _swapu32(n)
#define swap64(n)   _swap64(n)
#define swapu64(n)   _swapu64(n)


static int16_t _swap16 (int16_t n)
static uint16_t _swapu16 (uint16_t n)
static int32_t _swap32 (int32_t n)
static uint32_t _swapu32 (uint32_t n)
static int64_t _swap64 (int64_t n)
static uint64_t _swapu64 (uint64_t n)

Define Documentation

#define swap16 (  )     _swap16(n)

#define swap32 (  )     _swap32(n)

#define swap64 (  )     _swap64(n)

#define swapu16 (  )     _swap16(n)

#define swapu32 (  )     _swapu32(n)

#define swapu64 (  )     _swapu64(n)

Function Documentation

static int16_t _swap16 ( int16_t  n  )  [inline, static]

static int32_t _swap32 ( int32_t  n  )  [inline, static]

static int64_t _swap64 ( int64_t  n  )  [inline, static]

static uint16_t _swapu16 ( uint16_t  n  )  [inline, static]

static uint32_t _swapu32 ( uint32_t  n  )  [inline, static]

static uint64_t _swapu64 ( uint64_t  n  )  [inline, static]

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