include/beecrypt/pkcs12.h File Reference

PKCS#12 utility routines. More...

#include "beecrypt/beecrypt.h"

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#define PKCS12_ID_CIPHER   0x1
#define PKCS12_ID_IV   0x2
#define PKCS12_ID_MAC   0x3


BEECRYPTAPI int pkcs12_derive_key (const hashFunction *h, byte id, const byte *pdata, size_t psize, const byte *sdata, size_t ssize, size_t iterationcount, byte *ndata, size_t nsize)

Detailed Description

PKCS#12 utility routines.

Bob Deblier <>

Define Documentation

#define PKCS12_ID_CIPHER   0x1

#define PKCS12_ID_IV   0x2

#define PKCS12_ID_MAC   0x3

Function Documentation

BEECRYPTAPI int pkcs12_derive_key ( const hashFunction h,
byte  id,
const byte pdata,
size_t  psize,
const byte sdata,
size_t  ssize,
size_t  iterationcount,
byte ndata,
size_t  nsize 

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